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The aim of Philosophy is to set people free.

The School of Philosophy Scotland is a branch of the School of Economic Science which was formed in London during the 1930s. The Scottish School was founded during the 1970s, and is nowadays a thriving organisation with regular classes being offered in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Ayr and Perth.

The School of Philosophy is a voluntary organisation with charitable status. Our tutors are all students of the School who have studied their subject for years. The School is staffed and cared for entirely on a voluntary basis, without any remuneration, by our own students.

Our introductory courses in Practical Philosophy explore how philosophic wisdom, accumulated over millennia from the world’s philosophic and religious traditions, can be applied effectively in our everyday lives. Behind their rich diversity, and when put into practice, many of the great world traditions are found to display a remarkable underlying unity. It is this unity that provides the starting point for our study journey.

Our Economics with Justice course presents Economics with a human face. It studies human beings in their natural environment, going about the ordinary business of living and making the best of the resources available to them. It is essentially the study of natural laws governing the relations between people living together in societies.

Philosophy and Economics, the two key branches of the School’s study, may appear at first to be odd bed-fellows. But taken together in their widest sense, they are found to encompass the whole of human endeavour and potential, and they underpin the School’s position as a centre of both spiritual and practical knowledge.

A warm welcome awaits those with an enquiring mind who wish to explore the courses that the School of Philosophy Scotland has to offer.

For the time being our one-term “Introductory Courses” in both Philosophy and Economics are being offered FREE – with only a non-refundable administration charge of £10.00 payable. The fee for each subsequent term is currently £75.00.

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“If we are not fully ourselves, truly in the present moment, we miss everything”

Thich Nhat Hanh (1926 – )